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FLEX COURT is proud to be able to offer you the best all-weather outdoor sports tile surfaces in the industry. Our designs are based on German engineering, and manufactured in both Canada and the USA. The surface options we offer meet every playing condition, for both residential and commercial customers, and can be used to build a number of different types of courts such as basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, roller hockey rinks as well as multi-sport courts.

Our all-weather outdoor sports tiles are a cushioned, fast dry surface that incorporate the latest in strong, lightweight composite materials. They have been carefully engineered with support from orthopedic surgeons from the University of Stuttgart, Germany as well as sports professionals to be not only comfortable to play on, but also extremely durable.

One thing that sets our outdoor sports tiles apart, is the expansion and contraction capability. In hot and cold temperatures, the surface will expand and contract, unlike many competing products, as well as traditional surfaces. This means that you won’t have to deal with cracks or buckling, and the maintenance and repair costs will be significantly less.

Our outdoor sports tiles are so well made, they come backed by a 16 year warranty, and will often outlast your subsurface.

We don’t just offer outdoor sports tiles though. Flex Court carries a range of indoor surface options as well. With our selection of surfaces, we are sure to have something for you. We have surfaces that are ideal for multi-sport courts, gymnasiums, home gyms, commercial gyms, fitness centers, aerobics classes, multi-purpose rooms and more.

Design and Installation

FLEX COURT also offers full turnkey solutions with installation services either factory direct, or through one of our certified dealers. Our off-site design services are highly professional, and if for any reason an on-site visit is requested, we will do everything we can to accommodate your every need. For resurfacing jobs, we offer level 1,2 and 3 surface repair as needed, in addition to the installation of the new court surface.

Our off-site design services are also available to the DIY crowd, and FLEX COURT maintains full off-site installation support on every DIY project, meaning that if you run into a problem during the install, all you have to do is give us a call, or send us an email.

Court Accessories

In addition to our high-quality outdoor surfaces, our selection of indoor tiles, and our court design and installation services, we also offer a massive selection of court accessories such as basketball hoops, tennis nets, multi-sport nets, court lighting, rebounders, ball containment, and more.

So contact us today to get started on your new athletic area.

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